Epiphany Hair Studio 

A Case Study

The Client: Epiphany Hair Studio

Industry: Beauty, Personal Care Services
207 E Hildebrand Ave, SATX 78212
District: Olmos Park
Contact Info: (210) 549-4274
Website: www.epiphanyhairstudiosa.com


for Epiphany Hair Studio. Branding. Logo Creation. Identity.

The Project

What Epiphany Hair Studio Wanted

Lisa, the owner of Epiphany, had hired two logo designers to create the perfect Epiphany company logo. Unfortunately, her search continued. 

The Main Challenges

One. Branding: The first main challenge was to find her location. I was on my motorcycle, and because there was no signage, I drove right by it.

Two. Urgency: After meeting with Lisa, I had discovered that Epiphany had already been opened for two/three months without any signage (see picture).

Three. Iconic: Lisa wound not settle for just any logo, she wanted one which would represent her company’s future with integrity.

Four. Deciphering Data: After a long discussion, we brainstormed creatively about her ideal logo which had to have these four elements:

  1. Incorporate a dove icon (not too religious)
  2. A designer “look and feel” must be represented.
  3. Exemplify an upscale look for her target market.
  4. Be iconic.

What Had To Be Accomplished?

Essentially, designing the ultimate logo that would lend to the identity of a company. 

The 5 Adjectives

ICONIC: The logo had to embody coolness.

UPSCALE: An image that could compete with high-end luxury brands.

ELEGANT: Stylish and graceful elements had to be incorporated.

PEACEFUL: A bird of peace without the typical religious symbol look.

MODERN: A streamline, minimal logo that would embrace the future of this company, and reflect its beginning as well.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Experience The Fairytale

The little corner shop

There was once a little studio located in the heart of the Olmos Park District—but you wouldn’t have known it, because it had no name on it.

There has to be a dove

The owner of the little studio was Lisa. She had been opened for months, and yet, almost nobody knew she was there.

She ran to the rooftop and cried for help. Fortunately, a small digital marketing agency named Loop Focus answered. During their talk, Lisa claimed that two other graphic artists we unable to make her company the perfect logo.

Lisa had only one requirement: “There has to be a dove in the logo.”

Loop Focus knew right away that Epiphany didn’t only need a logo, it needed a brand—an identity—so that all the people in the land could find her and to get the best hair in the land and eyebrows in the land.

Birds of peace

Loop Focus knew how important the task was. The people in the land were suffering and desired hope to feel peace.

The search for the perfect dove was on. Loop Focus studied the birds of peace far and wide to gain the ultimate understanding of them.

Motion was important. Phrases like “moving forward” and “taking flight” played a major part in creation of the right icon.

Birds of a feather

The designs began to flow, and Loop Focus knew of the concepts would win the heart of the little studio owner.

Loop Focus used streamlined curves to help with motion and balance.

Custom type design

Epiphany Hair Studio wanted their brand to express:

• What they do
• Who they are
• Why they do it
• Who they do it for

In pursuit of the studio’s best interests, Loop Focus created a complete font set. Notice how the fonts look as though the letters were cut with shears.

The typography had to be sophisticated and modern for the sake of the people. Epiphany Modern, the typographic font set, was approved.

I guess you could say, Epiphany “made the cut.” ?

Color my world

A deep exploration for the right colors pleased the little shop owner. Loop Focus suggested that her company identity needed to use these specific colors in everything they do.

Digital mockup samples

Digital mockups samples were provided so that Lisa could visualize her options with illustrated, environmental shots.

(This little bird is still nested.)


Making and breaking the grid

Loop Focus knew most people would not notice the well-balanced design—but he knew they would feel it in their hearts.

Grid-checking the logo and nudging it into balance is a standard Loop Focus design practice.

Note: Notice how the wing comes out of the grid. This is for visual impact, it’s called “breaking the grid.”

Three little birds

It was these three birds that made the studio happy. One for every occasion: a vertical, horizontal, and a square.

The logo trials were great, the reward was greater, but that’s not the end of this little fairytale journey.

Windows to the soul

The little shop owner would peer from her windows upon the city with great aspirations of finally having a sign on her window, so that all the people in the city could rejoice.

(Primitive note-taking helped with designing the sign.)

Inches seemed like miles

Loop Focus made digital window signs to make certain Lisa would think it was perfect, and subsequently, to avoid miscommunication with the printer.

(This is an illustration. Not the actual printed sign.)

Gift Certificates

Epiphany Hair Studio was happy to provide the people with golden, custom-printed, gift certificates—each individually numbered.

Loop Focus was happy to be able to make the distraught people in the land smile. It were as though a ray of light had beamed upon the beautiful people within the humble city.


Square Business Cards

Lisa’s heart and mind reflected a unique spirit of personalization for her brand and her company’s identity. This is the same personalization that she gives to each of her clients.

It’s safe to say, Epiphany is a cut above any hair studio in the land. And Loop Focus, who was proud to be there for this unbranded company, was humbled at the opportunity to have helped.


What’s wrong with this picture?

It needed a little branding

Okay, so we may have gone a little over the top. But even though this is just an illustrated concept, presented to Lisa at Epiphany, we just wanted to show her that she had many wonderful options to consider when it comes to advertising her shop.

Aside from giving her windows the real logo treatment, our illustration shows her that she could also add a lighted hang sign, a shop-side banner, and even a paint job 🙂


The End!

Thank you, Lisa Lucio and Epiphany Hair Studio, for hiring Loop Focus Digital Marketing Agency for this wonderful, creative journey.

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