“As an editor, good communication is important. Now my unique email address states that.”

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Why choose URS2 for your email address?



You’re original and your email should reflect. URS2 is new email provider so now is the time to seize your preferred email name.



We will never share your information. Good news! People will not be spying on your emails to collect data for ads!


No Tracking

We do not track you or your information. You can count on us to uphold our high standards in privacy and security.


25GB of Space

25GB of email space! With so much stored data these days, URS2 offers plenty of email storage for your emailing needs.

It’s time to get personal.

Get URS2 and be remembered.


What some benefits to owning your own unique email address?

Your name is important. URS2 is offering you an opportunity to own your unique email address. Exclude yourself from the crowd, stand out with an email address that can be remembered.

Most email service providers have all the popular names and aliases taken. URS2.com is a new email service offering unique email address.


Simple email address names are easier to remember and stand out more than complex ones. Choose a simple email name that can easily be remembered.


With a URS2 email address, your email can say more about your personality than having to settle for a computer generated email.

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“We love original identities. We want to include URS2.”

Kenneth G. Stickney


Mr. Stickney, as the President and Managing Partner of Pixelsmiths, is responsible for all business affairs, marketing and sales. As the managing partner, he oversees all aspects of operations and top level project management to assure customer satisfaction.

Prior to Pixelsmiths, Mr. Stickney was a partner and V.P. of Operations at Information Technologies Unlimited, which was sold to Physicians On-Line in 1995. Mr. Stickney then started Pixelsmiths in 1996, where the team developed Comedy.com. In 1999, Mr. Stickney successfully negotiated the sale of Comedy.com to Bill Gross of Idealab! who then hired the Pixelsmiths team to help get the entertainment website Z.com off the ground. Mr. Stickney was the Director of Production Operations at Z.com, where he oversaw business affairs of 35 productions and was involved in the sales of site sponsorship.

Since 1982, when Mr. Stickney received his Business Administration Degree, he has been involved in the computer industry and has been responsible for managing every facet of business operations.

Gordon Van Someren


Mr. Van Someren is Director of Research and Development for Pixelsmiths. He has been in the computer technology field for over 23 years. He recently served as head of Research and Development and as a senior web developer on rich media web sites at the Idealab-backed entertainment venture Z.com.

He is also listed as primary inventor on multiple United States technology patents. Internet related patents include multiple real-time content streaming channels, and time based synchronization of multi-camera systems.

He has managed development and engineering of celebrity talent entertainment web sites for Oliver Stone, Ellen DeGeneres, and Alanis Morrisette’s “One” tour 2000.

These projects applied revolutionary live and archived streaming technologies, giving audiences unique and intimate access to a reality-based celebrity story.


What makes a good Email Address?

Your address should say something about you.  Is your address memorable (just like you) or does it look a lot like everyone else’s? Does it confuse people or is it unique, catchy and “pop” in their minds? It should be easy to spell (no tricky, mistake-prone spellings!)  And lastly, it should be fun for you! Plus, a good email address stands out in crowded inboxes. Be sure to stand out!

What does this cost?

A URS2 email address costs $60 per year or $6.99 per month, which is about 16 cents per day. Some domains may be higher because of their unique nature and category. SEE OUR PRICES HERE.

Do you take credit cards?

Do you take credit cards? Yes, we do! All major credit cards are accepted and automatically billed every month so you don’t have to worry about on time payments to keep your account active. You can cancel at anytime.

Do I have to have a Pay Pal account?

No, you don’t; we don’t use PayPal.  When you go through our purchase process, we will ask you for your credit card on a secure system from the credit card company. Just pay with the “credit card now” option. We do not store your personal information on our servers!

Why are you charging when others give it away?

Come on!  They aren’t giving anything away.  You pay for those “free” addresses when you plow through endless advertisements to get your mail. They show you ads and they send you ads—intrusive, repetitive, really annoying ads. They can even read your email with their computers and target you with ads based on personal information found in your email!  We believe people want a real choice of names with no advertising. For as little as 16 cents a day, you can be FREE of advertising and get back to your mail!

Is it hard to switch Email addresses?

No, not at all. The way to start is to purchase a really cool email address from us.  When that’s done, change your “default account” and/or “reply to” address on your computer to your new email address.  Then you send out an email to all your friends telling them about your very cool new email address.  Now all your friends know where you are.  Was that hard?  As for those old email places, just keep checking them once a week for about a month.  Most companies send you stuff each week. You can log on to those company sites and give them your new address if you want… or not.  Some people we know keep the old one for buying stuff and just check it now and then. Either way, it is a lot easier to switch than to spell out sbcyahooglobalworldwideconglomerate.net.  Huh?

How do I use two Email addresses?

If you only use web access, you will need to check each one. One of our first additional features will let you know when you have new email, without being logged onto the email site. We are working on a display on our home page (or maybe sending you a text message.)  We hope to have it up and running in the first year.

Can I get my Email anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can. Anywhere you can get onto a computer with a connection to the internet, you can get your email! Just go to the home page of our site and use the login section to open your email box.

What is the size limit of any one Email sent to me?

Currently, we have our system set 25GB for storage. If there is a need, we may expand these numbers in the future.

How much storage space do I have for my Emails?

25GB for storage per email address.  Some people use a POP email program like Outlook, and each time Outlook downloads your email to your home computer, it tells the server to erase the email off the server.  We also support IMAP email, it is up to you how you set up your email on your computer, tablet and cell phone.

How long can I keep using this address?

As long as you renew your address each year and follow the company terms of use, you can keep using the address you have chosen. This is a family business, which was started in 1996 and we have no plans to sell it. The Internet is one of the last places a person can compete head to head with the big guys. We have great domain names and give exemplary service. We plan on being here providing service for the next 30 years.

Does your company read any of my Emails?

NO! We do not scan, read or mine information from any email we have in our system.

I hate getting spam. What can you do about it?

We have a very aggressive system designed to screen out spam before it makes it into your email box. We also check for Viruses.

Will the price ever go up?

It is unlikely prices will go up. The computer and Internet industry are very competitive. We must be competitive and offer excellent services or you will go somewhere else. We plan to offer more services to improve our value to you.

Is there any price break on two e-mail addresses, for instance, one with a nick-name for my friends to use for me, and another with my full name for professional contacts?

This is an interesting idea. At this time we cannot implement it, but we will consider this as a future feature. We will notify you about all additional features as they come online.

Can you show me how to have over one e-mail address all go into my current e-mail program?

Yes, we can. In Entourage or Outlook, you need to go to Accounts, which is under the “Tools” menu. Now create a new account for your new email address. Pick your favorite to be the default. There is a line of text which says “Include this account in my Send & Receive All schedule”, make sure the box is checked.

Does it work with my browser?

Yes. Email is a worldwide standard and we are following all IMAP and POP email set up protocols. In most cases such as Mail on an Apple device, once you give it your email address and password the system will auto set up your email account on your system.

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